What is 33 Forever?

Our organization, 33 Forever, Inc., was founded by the family and friends of Danielle Leedy, a vibrant, strong professional young woman, who lost a long battle to chronic depression in February of 2019.

It is a non-profit organization created to both honor Dani’s life and her longtime passion to raise awareness, empower and comfort those struggling with depression, anxiety, finding self-worth and suicidal thoughts.

The American Psychiatric Association notes that depression affects an estimated one in 15 adults (6.7%) in any given year. One in six people (16.6%) will experience depression at some time in their life.

33 Forever was created by merging the skills, abilities, passions and hopes of Dani’s family and friends, using the resources from those individuals and organizations to positively impact this critical health crisis. This wealth of human and other resources is utitlized to garner and grow the support, input and direct assistance of experts in the relevant fields of medical, psychological, educational, legal, non-profit, financial, technological – to raise awareness and promote action about mental health and well-being by policymakers, community leaders and practitioners, as well as those affected by these conditions and their loved ones.

Our Mission

33 Forever is a non-profit organization created to honor Danielle Leedy’s life and her longtime passion to raise awareness, empower and comfort those struggling with the disease of depression, anxiety and finding self-worth, including suicidal thoughts.  


Our Vision

Specifically, 33 Forever’s vision is to positively impact the lives of all those affected by depression, anxiety and their related disorders, including suicidal thoughts by promoting awareness, engaging in advocacy, providing educational programming and resources for all those struggling and their loved ones, supporting research efforts and establish and encouraging community support.


How You Can Get Involved

Professional Support

If you are a professional in the area of mental health, medicine or have time and expertise in non-profits, development, fund and friend-raising or other areas you think could help and would be willing to help 33 Forever.

Contact Us

Have a question, comment, suggestion or if you want to volunteer, offer personal stories, experiences or professional assistance to our cause or to otherwise help us with our mission.



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Danielle’s Story

Danielle Leedy, the inspiration behind 33 Forever, was a vital, strong, dynamic and capable business woman, mentor, friend, daughter, sister, aunt and granddaughter. 

In the Beginning

After a childhood like many others in a loving, suburban family, Dani began to struggle with depression in her mid-teens. Some of her issues, like all of us, were from choices made but some were much deeper somehow. Despite being a beautiful young girl and young woman, she nonetheless struggled with body image and self-harm issues — issues she fought with at times her whole life. Her depression was also magnified with stressors in her life, again just as all of us. However, there were also times when she seemed and felt “normal” and free of the disease process while other times struggling mightily at least inwardly.

Where We Are Now

In early 2019, her depression prevailed. Dani’s life here on Earth ended at the age of 33. The impact of what she left behind is now truly being seen and recognized from all corners of the country. Her family and friends decided that Dani’s dream would not die with her. They banded together to create 33 Forever to do exactly what Dani had dreamed of — helping people be their best despite fighting the diseases of depression, anxiety and self-worth, including suicidal thoughts.

This page and site are not a substitute for nor is it intended to be a substitute for or to provide medical or psychological advice, care or treatment.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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