Educational Programming

33 Forever has created and continues to create partnerships to provide and support educational programming for middle school, high school and college students, parents and community members and education faculty and staff members with various organizations.  

33 Forever provides direct educational programming to high school students and staff and college students, faculty and staff in Ohio and elsewhere, and this effort is continuing to expand. Over the last three years, 33 Forever has conducted workshops for student groups both in Ohio and elsewhere including at Miami University, Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, Heidelberg University and The University of Kentucky. We tell our story, cover the warning signs for mental health issues, and share a curated list of local resources they can utilize that are specific to the area we are presenting to! For example, we have worked with over 150 students at University of Kentucky (their Delta Zeta chapter) and have presented to the entire Hillsdale High School student body and faculty… so we are able to tailor each workshop to fit the specific group or organization’s needs!

33 Forever is currently also partnering with Nationwide Childrens’ Hospital to specifically connect educators and coaches to the “On Our Sleeves” program. Behavioral health is of the utmost importance to us — and intervention and support should begin early! 

We also presently sponsor educational programming to numerous middle school and high school students, parents and staff and college students, faculty and staff through NAMI Richland County, as well as directly through 33 Forever.

Nationally, NAMI has a program for middle school and high school students and staff called “Ending The Silence.” This program increases awareness and provides practical advice and help to students and staff dealing with depression, anxiety, self-worth issues, suicidal thoughts and other mental health struggles, whether themselves or their peers. Even during the pandemic, 33 Forever has been able to bring the “Ending The Silence” program to numerous Richland County secondary schools and colleges.

33 Forever sponsors and underwrites the NAMI on Campus Chapter at the Ohio State Mansfield Campus. NAMI on Campus is a student group dedicated to mental health awareness, support and education. The group seeks to normalize mental health conversations, equip individuals with mental health resources and create a culture accepting and supportive of those with mental health concerns.

Finally, 33 Forever presently awards 4 scholarships each spring — called “The 33 Forever Scholarship in Honor of Danielle Leedy” — to high school seniors. Three of these scholarships are awarded in Richland County, Ohio and one in Pickaway County, Ohio. Details are on our “Scholarship Information” page.

Our fast-moving, technology-driven, too-often-anonymous society presents new and different challenges to the youth of today. This increasingly results in complicated and problematic mental health challenges for those young people. 33 Forever is committed to doing its part to make a difference in these critical areas – just as our inspiration, Dani, always saw herself doing.

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