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“Mental health funding and related resources supporting research have traditionally lagged behind in our health care system.


Perhaps this is due to the stigma and negative perceptions often associated with mental health issues and the fact that some organizations that have traditionally provided support and funding for medical research have many times chosen to not be involved with mental health as a result.

Fortunately, some of those antiquated thoughts, ideas and prejudices are slowly changing as the realization of the enormity of the costs – both human and financial — as the gaps in the mental health care system become more and more acute.  Part of 33 Forever’s long term goals include providing funding and other support to these critical research efforts.

In 2021, 33 Forever established the “Behavioral Health Immediate Care (BHIC) and 33 Forever Endowed Fund” at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to, in part, support and assist in research related to behavioral health. It expects to provide additional critical research funding specifically for suicide research in the future as its funds permit.


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