Our “5 Pillars” of Focus

Community Involvement

In one of the areas of focus, Community Involvement, our organization has developed and is continuing to develop partnerships and programs to provide, host, participate in and support a variety of community events — speakers, forums, golf outings, silent auctions, charity dinners, awareness walks, mental health fairs and other events — both serious and fun — all with the goal and purpose of educating local communities, raising awareness for and supporting mental health efforts and those suffering with mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, self-worth issues and suicidal thoughts. Read More

Educational Programming

33 Forever has partnerships providing and supporting educational programming for middle school, high school, and college students, parents, community members, education staff members, community organizations, and businesses.

We continue to expand our educational programming and support. We presently sponsor educational programming to numerous middle school and high school students, parents and staff and college students, faculty and staff through NAMI Richland County, as well as directly through 33 Forever. Read More

Resources & Information

A primary reason 33 Forever was founded and it provides up-to-date, vetted resources for and about mental health issues to assist individuals with mental health challenges, their family and friends. This is a critical part of our organization’s mission and vision. These resources continue to be updated and expanded as more are identified. They are thoroughly vetted by our professional advisors. The links provided on this site will help in searching for information about many mental health conditions as well as links to help find appropriate care options. Read More


33 Forever directly advocates for improvement of options and care for mental health issues and for local, state and federal funding and support of the mental health care system for the millions of people who desperately need its services to live normal, happy and productive lives. Our advocacy efforts are ongoing on the local levels, the state level (particularly in Ohio) and the federal level, will continue and will increase. 33 Forever has developed and continues to grow its many relationships and partnerships to better accomplish this part of its mission and vision. Read More


Mental health funding and related resources supporting research have traditionally lagged behind in our health care system. Perhaps this is due to the stigma and negative perceptions often associated with mental health issues and the fact that some organizations that have traditionally provided support and funding for medical research have many times chosen to not be involved with mental health as a result. Part of 33 Forever’s long term goals include providing funding and other support to these critical research efforts. Read More

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