My name is Melinda and I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my adult life. I have a similar past of medications, hospitalization and treatment. The fact that I am here today is because someone grabbed me from running into 4 lanes of traffic and because my son opened the garage door that I had shut with the car running, (he still has no idea what was happening), and EDUCATION. With that education, I knew where to go for help. I am here because of the treatment that I received at a residential facility. Today, at 55 years old, I understand a lot more than I did at 17, 23 or even 45. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I fully understood what NOT being depressed felt like. Your daughter’s story could have easily been mine. I am still learning new things about depression and anxiety. I am not cured. Depression and Anxiety don’t go away. I have learned to live with it, cope with it and understand when I am struggling. I still rely on what I learned in that residential treatment facility 25 years ago to get me through the hard times. That is the short explanation of why Dani’s story hit so close to home for me. My heart breaks for you and I’m also inspired by you. I hope to help you tell Dani’s story and change the stigma of Depression, Anxiety and Suicide.


Melinda Dalenberg Snow