Weller Bourbon 4 Bottle Collection



Bourbon/whiskey aficionados Nick Turnbaugh, James Shanel & Jeff Heck have opened up their bourbon cabinets for us and are donating 4 highly coveted bottles of Weller boourbon to this year’s event!  These well-known and highly sought-after wheated bourbons from Buffalo Trace Distillery are harder and harder to find in the bourbon world. Here’s what’s included:

  • Weller Full Proof (rare)
  • Weller 12 Year (rare)
  • Old Weller Antique (becoming more and more scarce)
  • Weller Special Reserve (the one that started it all)

Make your bid now and take this amazing collection home!

Retail value: $163.00

Donor: Nick Turnbaugh, James Shanel & Jeff Heck


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