I am very sorry to hear of Dani’s passing. As a parent of a 2 year old and 4 month old, I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache and loss you must feel.

Dani was a year ahead of me in school. Without a doubt, she was THEE girl every girl admired. Beautiful, funny, popular and most importantly, she was kind, to everyone.

The memory that sticks out in my mind of her was at Clearfork pool. I was 10, my mother had recently passed away and I was in desperate need of feeling like a normal kid. We had our own pool, and although my dad couldn’t afford it, I begged him to get a membership to Clearfork just so that I could be around my peers and feel normal. Like a kid at a new school, on my first day at the pool I was worried who I would sit with, who would welcome me. When I walked past Dani & her popular group of friends, she shouted “Oh hey, Abs!” I was stunned & flattered she talked to me, but I corrected her and told her my name. She replied “I know who you are, I’m talking about your abs!” At 10 years old, I didn’t know what abs were, but Danielle Leedy talked to me and that was all that mattered. For a shy girl with pimples and a unibrow, Dani made me feel like I mattered, which I know is the legacy and goal for 33 Forever.

Hearing of Dani’s passing shook me to my core, and it made me evaluate my own mental health. I came to terms that I am struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and I needed to get help. I have now established a weekly session with a counselor to help me work through my self-worth issues.

I hope it brings you comfort knowing that Dani’s passing is not in vain. Because of Dani, two beautiful littles ones continue to have their mother and an incredibly supportive husband continues to have his wife. Because of Dani, I am here, and I will get better.

We gladly look forward to donating to 33 Forever and it’s important cause.

Wishing you peace during this time,