I Remember You

I remember when you would laugh all the

time. It lit up the room every time, and made

everyone else smile too. 

Why, why won’t you do that anymore? 


I remember when you would get excited about

the most ridiculous things. People thought it was

annoying, but you couldn’t help yourself.

What happened to you?


I remember when you weren’t nervous about 

going everywhere, and did it without even 

caring. You didn’t think twice about it.

Will you please do that again?


I remember when you went swimming at your 

friend’s house. You didn’t care about what 

they thought about you, you were friends.

Why do you care now?


I remember when you were unapologetically

you. You didn’t care about if people hated you,

or what you looked like.

How did you change so much?


I remember when you talked to all the kids

in your grade, even if they thought you were 

really annoying. 

Can’t you do that again now?


I remember when you told your mom everything.

You just wanted her help, and she always gave

it to you. It normally made you feel a lot better.

What makes you so afraid now?


I remember when you wore clothes you loved,

without having to think twice about it and look

in the mirror, then change into something different.

Are you okay?


I remember when you told your dad about your day.

You gave really detailed answers about the funny

things you did at school.

What changed?


I remember when you talked to your friends

and didn’t worry about whether they think you are weird.

You would break out into hysterical giggles, not afraid about appearances.

Where did my happy Maddie go?

 — Anonymous